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About us

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One on One Consultation

Clean Eating Plan 

Are you ready to improve your health with weight loss and fat loss? Here we are there to guide you, We design meal plans that are tailored to your individual needs and taste. In Healthy fuel we go beyond weight loss. We look after your metabolic parameters here.

Good nutrition is essential for a person’s physical and mental well being, and to achieve good nutrition it is important to have a balanced diet. We track your eating habits, sleep ,gut health and exercise .We provide an online 1 on 1 consultation and diet plan. We also provide 30 to 45 minutes virtual fitness sessions. 


2 months

This package is most suited to someone needing to make smaller changes to their diet, and additional support with a short term goal . For ex a wedding, holiday, marathon or special occasion. Plans are suited in 6 weeks time frame. 

What’s included : 

1 hr initial consultation 

5* 30 minutes weekly check in calls 

Personalised diet plan and lifestyle plan 

Personalised supplements 

Meal plan and recipe 

Weekly diet.

3 months

Ideal for those who need a little extra support with a longer time frame to reach their goals . For the client who has multiple health worries which may need to dig a little deeper into the cause , and design a more extensive plan.

What’s included : 

1 hr initial consultation 

5* 30 minutes weekly check in calls 

Personalised diet plan and workout  plan 


Meal plan and recipe 

Weekly diet.

6 months

Perfect for the client who needs a little longer , to make big changes to their health. Plans are designed to overhaul your diet and lifestyle,with support every step of the way to make sustainable changes to transform your health.

What’s included : 

1 hr initial consultation 

5* 30 minutes weekly check in calls customised diet plan and workout plan 



Weekly diet.

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Good Health 100%

Diet and workout Plans curated for your body type 

Why Choose us

Trust and

Balanced Diet &


Scientific and
Holistic Approach




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Extensive Diet and Workout plans curated Just for you and your Fitness goals.

Online Booking



I am on top of the world for loosing 2kgs with overall 2 inches in just 2 weeks with no starvations and heavy work outs. Super happy with the results. The diet given to me by healthy fuel is the main reason for it along with 30 mins personalised work outs suggested by the team. The diet is super easy to follow, its like our normal food we eat regularly, but the trick is the combinations of the veggies, fruits, nuts which we need to take according to our age, gender and daily activities.All thanks to kiran and healthy fuel team. I strongly strongly recommend Healthy as it makes us loose weight without compromising our health

Recipes & Tips

We can help you to plan your meal depending upon your health conditions and nutritional requirements. We suggest the right food in the right proportion to achieve your ideal health condition.

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