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Weight Management or Fat loss


Rapid fat loss is not for everyone. 

The more fat you have, the faster you can lose it, the leaner you are , the slower you must lose it in order to preserve lean tissue.

Therefore, the claim that anyone and everyone can safely lose fat, Depends on your starting point. 

When it comes to  health, fitness and nutrition, you have to know what is the difference between WEIGHT LOSS and FAT LOSS ? Most of us wants to lose weight , but when you starts losing weight it includes the weight of muscles. water and fat. When it comes losing weight it leads to decrease strength and energy without proper diet. You starts losing bone density, muscle mass, hair fall, saggy skin ,and overall losing all over health.

Fat loss is the reduction of body fat ,so it reduces the body size.  Fat loss achieved with proper nutrition ,physical results you get leaner , more toned physique, increased strength and endurance .

If you are wondering what I mean preserve muscle .

Having muscle and being strong isn't  about being body builder. 

Muscle is very important because it has protective effect on the body, allowing people to survive illness and live longer , the muscle mass is like bank account for healing from an illness .Muscle modulates immune function and additionally ,it may offset inflammation that is associated with diseases diabetes and heart diseases. Muscle play role in body composition 

Healthy Approach :

  • Physical work and mental discipline 

  • Well rounded diet and active lifestyle to promote long lasting, sustainable fat loss.

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