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About us

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International Accredited Nutritionist 
ISSA International sports and Science Association 
Precision Nutrition level 1
K11 school of fitness and science
Yoga Diploma AU

Kiranmai is a registered nutritionist and health coach whose aim is to help you live a better life. She believes that a good diet plan does a lot more than just lose fat. It is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle that will keep you fit and healthy. If you eat foods in the right combination you will boost your metabolism, cleanse your body toxins and get rid of fat.

I am a nutritionist and lifestyle consultant based in Visakhapatnam. Over the last 5 years I worked as a yoga instructor. I have done international nutrition science certification from ISSA, PN AND K11.

As a nutritionist I lead my clients towards healthy food choices and teach about healthy food habits.

I create diet plans, teach about eating habits and help you address unhealthy eating behaviors.

My team is specialized in providing personalized diet and nutrition depending on the body type. When you are on a journey to lose fat, you need Nutritionist support that can create personalized weight loss plans to help you to lose weight and keep it off.

HEALTHY FUEL is recognised for providing best solution –

  1. To control Diabetes

  2. To boost Athletic Performance

  3. To help with Metabolic condition like PCOS or PCOD

  4. To treat Digestion problems, Food allergies

  5. Pregnancy possible

  6. To lose weight and keep it off

  7. To maintain Healthy body weight

  8. To Reduces the risk of chronic Disease and leading to overall Health and well being. As in HEALTHY FUEL we offer Personalised Diet plan and Customised workouts plan according to your body values. Therefore , we are here to help you with diet plan and exercise.

Why is there a consultation waiting period? 

We are a small team of professionals, offering you with overall nutritional support.
Our consultation process is one on one. We address each client’s issue with a detailed one hour primary session. We hear, understand, analyze and prepare a proper overall plan that suits them the best.

We have weekly appointments which are for 30 minutes ,we only take appointments 5 days a week. The remaining two days, we sit and discuss each client's case and prepare for the interaction meet.

Include a dedicated session with our most senior Pro coach for exercise advice.

Appointments are held via video chat, WhatsApp, Google Meet, and Zoom Meeting, so you can sign up from anywhere in the world.

We mention a long-term relationship with you and offer assistance whenever you require it. 

We plan your meal and exercise plans during your appointment.

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